Transparent LED Display

A Transparent LED Display Screen is a visual technology that allows for clear images with see-through capabilities.

Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED screen is an LED screen that has the property of transmitting light like glass. It is usually installed behind the window and perfectly combined with the glass. transparent screen continuously develops, upgrades, optimizes and transforms. It features high transparency, ultra-lightweight, smart control, simple plugs and play, a High refresh rate, and light transmittance of up to 70%. As a professional transparent LED screen manufacturer, our LED transparent display can be easily installed on the original glass curtain window wall without any additional steel structure outside. The outdoor transparent LED display panel significantly reduces wind resistance and has a better cooling effect without affecting indoor vision; you can trust us; we are the best transparent LED screen supplier in China; contact us!

LED Transparent Screen

1000x500mm Indoor Fixed Installation Transparent LED Screen
1000x500mm Indoor Rental Transparent LED Screen
1000x500mm Outdoor Fixed Installation Transparent LED Screen
Rental Transparent LED Display EA1000TOR Series 1000x500mm
Creative Irregular Shape Transparent LED Display Screen
1000x500mm Indoor Poster Transparent LED Screen

Transparent LED Screen FAQs

What is a transparent LED screen?

The LED transparent screen is the LED display screen that transmits light like glass, and the LED wall transparent effect is good. 

What areas of LED transparent screen application?

Our LED window displays are widely used in both outdoor and indoor areas, such as outdoor transparent LED display screens for stage dances, squares, and parks; Indoor transparent LED screens for large shopping malls, chain stores, science and technology museums, glass windows; Transparent LED curtain for curtain wall buildings. Our transparent LED display products are perfect for transparent glass advertising.

What is the difference between LED transparent and ordinary LED display?

The differences between ordinary and transparent LED video wall mainly include transparency, weight, aesthetics, maintenance and installation, energy-saving, etc.

How to distinguish the quality of LED transparent screen?

There are many ways to identify the quality of the transparent LED display screen. As a transparent LED screen manufacturer, we can suggest the following methods: brightness comparison, wire identification, lamp bead temperature, solder joint quality, solder joint quality, PCB board thickness, etc.

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