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Rental LED Screen

Rental LED screen is the best option to stand out in any event since it is possible to configure and modify the screen size. Therefore, it is a very versatile alternative for professionals in the audiovisual sector. we offer a complete range of indoor & outdoor rental LED screen products for events, stages, stores, television studios, boardrooms, and other venues. As an LED screen rental company, our rental LED display screen provides good resolution and image quality and the best permanently installed LED screens. You can choose a suitable series for your rental applications. Pixel Pitch from P1.953mm to P4.81mm for Indoor Rental LED Display and from P2.976mm to P5.95mm for Outdoor Rental LED Screen.

640×640mm EA640C2 Series LED Screen Rental LED Wall
C4 Series 500×500mm Professional Rental LED Screen
C3 Series 500×1000mm Graceful Rental LED Screen
500×500mm EA500C5 Series 45 Degree Angle Rental LED Display
500×500mm EA500H4 Series LED Screen Rental LED Board
500×500mm EA500H5 Series

Rental LED Screen Advantages

Offers High Resolution

Our rental LED screen provides high resolution. It depends on the number of pixels and displays, meaning the higher the number, the higher the image quality.

High Quality

Our rental LED display is of high quality and meets global standards. They pass CE, FCC, and RoHS certifications. We will ensure the LED display has a high contrast ratio, uniformity, flatness, and alignment.

Muti-Installation Method

To meet various aspects of the event and exhibition. Our rental LED display design is for different installation methods, which include ground support, truss mounting, wall mounting, hanging, and mobile installations.

High Performance

We provide a rental LED screen that can customized and offers high performance. It can made in any size depending on the number of people who attend the events.

Application of Rental LED Screen

Our top of the LED video wall rentals are competitively available, providing high-quality visuals that captivate audiences. Whether you are hosting a concert, trade show, or corporate event, our video walls offer a seamless and immersive viewing experience.

LED Screen Display Rental

for Weddings

for Pool Displays

for Trade show

for Outdoor Events

for Corporate event

for Staging

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is Led Screen Display Rental?

LED screen display rental refers to hiring a temporary solution for events or occasions. It’s a cost-effective alternative to buying, ideal for one-off events or short-term needs.

How Does Led Display Rental Enhance Events?

Renting an LED display can significantly enhance event visuals, offering vibrant, high-resolution screens for presentations, broadcasts, or live feeds. It effectively captivates the audience and elevates the experience.

What Sizes Are Available For Led Screen Rentals?

LED screen rentals come in various sizes, from small podium displays to massive concert backdrop screens. Providers can customize screen dimensions to fit the specific requirements of an event.

Fill In Your Needs In Detail

Fill in the screen usage scene and size you need in “Content”.You can get a quote.