LED Cases Study

Our recent LED panel installation projects mark a breakthrough in the pro video sector, combining modern design, energy efficiency and quality. These technological works of art offer complete and exciting customization in various applications, from corporate environments to live events.

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Singapore Changi Airport

Blade Series For GranCa Live Fest

Singapore Changi Airport

Church, Indonesia

Outdoor Digital Billboards, Malaysia

Beijing Joy City

Outdoor Digital Billboard, New Zealand

Stages Hotel, Prague

Rome Fiumicino Airport, Italy

NBC Washington, USA

Dancing Stars Austria

What moves us

commitment to Quality: We guarantee the exceptional quality of our products, backed by rigorous manufacturing standards.

Personalized Service: We value each customer and strive to understand their unique needs, providing customised solutions and exceptional service.

Continuous Innovation: We constantly invest in research and development to offer the most advanced solutions and meet market demands.

Customized LED screens: We develop customized solutions to meet your needs, ensuring a unique visual experience.

Technological Innovation: We remain at the forefront of technology, offering the latest trends in LED screens, providing greater clarity, contrast, and efficiency.

Energy Efficiency: Our products are designed to optimize energy consumption, contributing to sustainable practices and long-term cost reduction.

Specialized Technical Assistance: We offer ongoing technical support to ensure our products’ optimal performance and durability.

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