Floor LED Display

The immersive and participatory experience that a LED floor display offers participants is so compelling that an increasing number of cultural events and the entertainment industry opt to use it as their floor display solution.

Indoor Floor LED Display

Outdoor Floor LED Display

LED Floor Screen – a surface you can walk on, covered with light-emitting diodes able to display any video content

The LED Display FLOOR’s high resolution (P5) facilitates the display of high-quality images, animations, and live-action video, even with a small screen area. This solution is perfect for events at which outstanding quality and the element of surprise have to go hand in hand with technical and aesthetic excellence. Thanks to its modular build and relatively low weight,

The LED screen floor can be used in small rooms like exhibition stands.

The major assets of the LED floor:

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It can be freely combined with the interactive iFloor or Kinect sensor-based system, providing an additional attraction for event participants. This combination turns your LED floor into an interactive screen, providing an entertaining experience with unforgettable effects and live changes as you step on the displayed animation.


The LED technology used in floors is characterised by low power consumption, low heat emission, a very long life and low fault rate. It can also withstand a temporary loss of power supply (as it turns back on immediately after power is restored).


The LED floor has a unique structure with a reinforced surface, making it highly resistant to shock, impact, vibration and other factors. It is also protected against small water spills and other substances.


  • Experienced design and installation team
  • Magnetically fixed module design to replace modules within 3 seconds
  • Digital LED screens for Indoor or Outdoor (IP65) use
  • Selection of LED pixel pitches available from 1.95mm to 6.25mm
  • Day/ night auto-adjust brightness available
  • Relevant media player is supplied to control content
  • Content Management System (CMS) to update content remotely
  • Ability to produce any size or configuration

Loading Capacity

  • With point-to-face contact and support technology, the loading capacity is over 2000kg/ sq.m.
  • The module’s mask is constructed from high transparency and wear-resistant material for excellent anti-scratch and anti-wear performance.  


  • Multi-point touch
  • Built-in interaction system
  • 16 sensors in each module
  • Reduced response time to 0.01s
  • Supports self-developed interactive gaming

LED floor cases on pictures

Our LED floor screens are mainly used for stages, weddings, events, studios, virtual production studios, etc.

Dance floor led display

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Pixel Pitch (mm)
LED ConfigurationSMD1415SMD1415SMD1415SMD1921SMD1921SMD1921SMD1921
Module Resolution 100 x 100 pixels96 x 96 pixels84 x 84 pixels64 x 64 pixels52 x 52 pixels48 x 48 pixels40x 40 pixels
Module Dimensions(W x H x D)(mm)250 x 250 x 18
Cabinet Resolution200 x 200 pixels192 x 192 pixels168 x 336 pixels128 x 256 pixels104 x 208 pixels96 x 192 pixels80 x 160 pixels
Cabinet Dimensions(W x H x D)(mm)500 x1,000 x 60
Contrast Ratio>3,000:1
Brightness (cd/㎡)900-1800900-1800900-1800900-1800900-3000900-3000900-3000
Max./Avg. Power(W)400 / 200
Viewing Angle160°/160°
Operating Voltage100-240V AC 50-60Hz
Refresh Rate3840Hz
IP RatingIP54/IP45
Cabinet Weight(Kg)23
Cabinet MaterialIron
Max Load-Bearing2200 Kg

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