LED grid screen is a bar comprising grid-like LEDs utilized for outdoor or glass curtain walls, tops of buildings, etc. Grid systems revive large-scale media experience.

Grid LED screen is a bar comprising grid-like LED utilized for outdoor or glass curtain walls, tops of buildings, etc. Outdoor LED grid screens are strips of grid-like LED for outdoor or glass curtain walls, building tops, etc. Grid LED display screen is lightweight, has high brightness, high transparency, IP67 waterproof guarantee, and is easy to install, manage and maintain. Maxledscreen grid LED display has excellent wind load because the screen body provides good ventilation. Each of our grid LED screens has been launched. All meet industry standards and can withstand long-term rain soaking. Please contact us now!

EA1000G Series Grid LED Screen Outdoor 500x1000mm

it has incomparable outstanding advantages in terms of performance, quality, appearance, etc.

LED grid screen advantages

Lightweight, excellent wind load

The screen body provides good ventilation and, thus, a remarkable wind load.

Improved efficiency multiplied by low power demand

High brightness and conversion efficiency make the most of the money saved.

Excellent integration

Energy supply and receiving cards are built-in, and each element can work separately.

IP67 protection level

Waterproof guaranteed.

Easy to install, manage and maintain

No steel structures or air conditioning requirements can be assembled before or after the installation.

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