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Whether for sponsored ads, live announcements or message displays, a stadium LED screen is an effective and vibrant display commonly used in various sports events. The stadium perimeter LED display is widely used in indoor and outdoor stadiums. It is installed on the ground and tilted slightly backwards at 5 – 45 degrees, requiring high brightness, wide viewing angle, easy installation, waterproofing, and other functions. Install a perimeter LED screen around your pitch or court to maximize brand exposure. Use stadium advertising to reach a wider audience with greater visibility and communicate your brand and commercial messages to many people.

LED Perimeter System Screen Size

Higher resolution modules and scoreboard formats are available on request.

Outdoor Stadium Perimeter LED Display EA960SP3 Series 960×960mm Football LED Billboard
Outdoor Stadium Perimeter LED Display EA960SP3 Series 960×960mm
Stadium Perimeter LED Display Billboard 1280×960mm

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Is An Led Perimeter?

An LED Perimeter is a high-brightness, full-colour LED display explicitly designed for pitch-side advertising. Our LED Perimeter systems are IP65-rated, making them suitable for outdoor use in all weather conditions, and they can be programmed and joined to create systems of any length.

Do I Need Special Software To Use A Perimeter System?

No, whilst a range of specialist software is available to operate perimeter systems, our LED Perimeters come with a control system and essential operating software, allowing you to display content without additional software.

Are Your Perimeter Systems Ip65 Rated?

Yes, our LED Perimeters are IP65 – front and IP54 – rear rated, making them suitable for outdoor use in challenging weather conditions. These robust screens are also heavily protected from dust, making them suitable for use in unique climates and environments.

Are Your Perimeter Systems Up To Uefa Standard Compliance?

We can offer LED Perimeter Systems that meet UEFA Standard compliance, providing the quality and reliability expected at this sporting level.

How Do You Calculate The Cost Of A Perimeter System?

The cost of an LED Perimeter System is calculated by the length of display needed. Due to the versatility of these systems, there isn’t a price per module, as these LED displays are generally requested in high quantities.

Why choose us as your premium Stadium LED Signs provider?

Any LED sign will vary in performance once it is put to use and as it ages. To address these issues, we have combined our years of experience to improve the visual appearance of stadium LED signs. Our solution makes sure you are provided with top-quality visual performance throughout the life of your digital signage.

What should you look for in a Stadium LED Sign?

The design of a Stadium LED sign has a unique structure as it can be used in many sporting stadiums, such as football and basketball, and can also be used as scoreboards and multifunction screens at these sporting stadiums. Each Stadium LED display has unique requirements; we will discuss a few below.

  • One of the critical safety features of our Stadium LED sign, particularly beneficial for sports like football, is the soft module mask. This design element is crucial as it prevents players from getting injured if they collide with the screens during play. Our Stadium LED sign is designed with adjustable back brackets, allowing for versatile screen positioning. This flexibility enables the screens to be adjusted to various angles, ensuring wider viewing and reaching a larger audience. The refresh rate frequency should be very high regarding the live broadcasting of sports matches. A frequency of about 9600 HZ will guarantee flicker-free activities on your stadium LED sign.
  • Our Stadium LED sign has a dual computer control system, a testament to its reliability. This system ensures that broadcasting is not interrupted, even in the event of technical issues during a live match. The second computer system acts as an immediate backup, guaranteeing uninterrupted broadcasting.DIP technology should provide maximum brightness levels to the audience for optimum clarity under direct sunlight.
  • The cabinet design should be waterproof to withstand outdoor weather conditions.
  • The software design should cater to various sports, such as baseball, basketball, football, etc.
  • Fast lockers on the corners of the cabinet ensure quick installation and dismantling.
  • Flight case packaging is a bonus for convenience when the Stadium LED display has to be moved from one site to another.

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